To search, To learn, To follow

I was asked to explain what the byline that goes with the title of this blog means.  The phrase “To search, To learn, To follow” sits right here on the main page yet it’s vague enough that it might need some explanation. To me, this phrase sums up, in a very simple way, Christianity.

To Search:

The world seems to be searching. We search for wisdom, direction, and power. We search for money, love, and purpose. Ironically, we humans have the uncanny ability to search in all the wrong places and ways for these things. Our lives get off track and things become more difficult than they should be. And so we search and search, and trip and fall and get up and do it all over again.  And then, if we’re lucky and search in the right places, we find God.

To Learn:

I was first introduced to God as a young child. You see, I had the privilege to grow up in a Christian home, and unlike many others, was able to learn about God and see His love modeled in my family as I grew up. For many, to learn about God after searching for “something” is an epiphany, an explosion of excitement. We absorb the stories of the Bible and relish the thought of a God who loves us unconditionally. We study His word, pour over His precepts, and speak to Him in prayer.

To Follow:

Once we learn about God; His love, His commandments, His purpose for our lives, there is only one thing left to do……to follow. For many Christians, they searched, they have learned, but they have not committed to follow. So what does it mean to follow? It means to die to self and turn your life over to God. Let Him lead and be willing to follow wherever He goes.

Here’s to becoming a follower…..a follower of God.



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