The Best Is Yet To Come!

At almost 37 years of age, I have come to the conclusion that I’ve got it pretty good. Oh, I didn’t just figure that out of course. But it’s been something that’s been working on me for the last 5-7 years. You see, I’ve got it pretty good; better than most I suppose. If we’re measuring success by the world’s standards, then you can say “I’ve arrived!” Those boxes on my list of things to accomplish are getting checked off. The one about finishing high school, going to college, and finding a good job? Check! The one referring to some semblance of financial success, very little to no debt, and some left over for a little fun? Check! The box about buying a house? Check! And the box about starting a family and providing for them to the best of my ability? I guess that’s a check too. Friendships, hobbies, contentment, and success? Check, check, check, and check!!!

The problem is those are all measures of worldly achievement. What about the things God wants me to chase? What about using the talents he has gifted me with? What about the areas of work He hasn’t even revealed to me yet? I can’t even begin to comprehend what God has in store for me and my life. There may be another child in my future. Only God knows. I may be called into a new career field. I may even have to deal with trials that I cannot foresee. Yet, if I’m in a right relationship with God, what eventually lies ahead of me is eternal life in heaven. My human mind has no concept or comprehension of how amazing heaven will be. I have hints in my Bible of its glory but my simple mind still cannot understand it.

Most importantly, I do know that I will get to see God in all His splendor and get to worship Him, the spiritual manifestation of love, in person. So you see….the best is yet to come!



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