Thanks Mom and Dad

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am a teacher; fourth grade reading and language arts teacher to be specific.  I have a very challenging job as you can imagine, but it is also very rewarding.  One of the biggest challenges though lies, not in the actual education of children, but in their sense of entitlement.  After almost a decade of teaching, I can say unequivocally that this problem is what is making educating today’s kids extremely challenging.  I shouldn’t blame the kids though.  They are acting in response to what their parents have taught them.

In the Bible, Paul even felt it appropriate to address this issue with his protegé.  He tells Timothy in I Tim. 6:6 that, “godliness with contentment is great gain.”  In essence, Paul is speaking to Timothy about the same problem we deal with now… the issue of entitlement versus contentment.  But where we get it wrong is laying the blame at the feet of the children where it should lay squarely on the shoulders of their parents.  Instead of chasing after “everything under the sun,” parents should teach the value of hard work and the lost art of contentment.

So I want to say thanks to my mom and dad.  Thanks for leading by example and not buying everything your hearts desired.  In doing so, you taught me to be content in whatever the situation.  Thanks for showing me what hard work looks like.  Because of your example, I’m gainfully employed and able to provide for myself and my family.  Thanks for not withholding discipline.  I’ve learned that all of our actions have consequences and it’s much easier to do things right the first time rather than paying for poor decisions later.  Thanks for putting God and family first.  It was so enjoyable to worship as a family growing up and to know that my well-being and that of my siblings was the most important thing to you.

It’s neat how things come around too.  I now have a child of my own, my 6-year-old daughter Emma.  And since I have such wonderful examples layed down by my mom and dad, I can now impart some of that wisdom and experience to her.  Doing so is a great way to show thanks to my parents for they have done for me.



One thought on “Thanks Mom and Dad

  1. Janet

    Joe, we are so proud of the wonderful Christian man you are. It is very rewarding for parents to watch their children grow up and see the fantastic adults they are as we have witnessed that with you, Steve and Heather. God has truly blessed our family through the years. Love you, dear Son.

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