Things That I Love: Part 3 (Reading)

I suppose I’m sort of a book-worm.  If you ask my wife, my reading habit is a little odd.  At any given time I have 5 or 6 books on my bedside table.  Some I’m in the middle of reading.  Others I’m studying from and taking notes or they are waiting to be read.  As you can imagine, my bedside book collection is not so popular when it’s time to dust.  I even read books multiple times.  Sometimes it was such a good book the first time around that I have to read it again slowly so I can cherish the nuances of each word or phrase.

That’s especially how I’ve grown to love reading my bible.  So many new mysteries seem to reveal themselves when I read my bible with an open heart, allowing God’s word to take root and grow.  Most importantly, my reading habit has developed in me a desire to always be learning.  That’s one of the lost definitions of the term disciple.  He should be a person who not only desires to follow God but who seeks to learn about and better understand Him as well.

But one of the dangers of reading the bible as a learner is that I divide the word, I study it, I pick it apart, and discuss and debate it yet run the risk of not doing the most important thing… applying it.  And that is where my reading is now taking me.  My goal and prayer is that God’s living word enters my mind, heart, and soul and stirs me to action.  I want it to awaken me, to cause me to love, forgive, and pray more.  I want it to spur me to serve and minister to others.  And I definitely want it to be new and refreshing, informative and remarkable each time I open my bible.

So if you’re not into reading, you should give it a try sometime.  And may I suggest a good book called the Bible.  It’s a real page-turner.



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