How Big is Your Faith?

I recently read the account of Peter healing the crippled beggar on the temple steps in Acts chapter 3.  It was an amazing miracle to be sure, considering that this man had been crippled since birth and was well-known to the people coming in and out of the temple.  I can even see in my mind a picture of him rising to his feet, realizing what had happened, and immediately following Peter, openly proclaiming God’s healing power.  What amazed me most during my most recent reading of this passage was the faith of Peter himself.  He had been told a few months earlier by Jesus to wait for the Holy Spirit to come upon them and then they would be able to do powerful things in His name.  I’m sure Peter and the other disciples didn’t really know what this meant.  Even after receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, they still may not have fully grasped the power they now possessed.

But what amazing faith Peter showed when faced with the sight of that crippled beggar.  Here was Peter’s first chance to put the power of the Holy Spirit into practice.  And Peter didn’t falter.  He commanded the man to get up and walk as he summoned the power of Jesus Christ.  Peter realized it was Jesus who did the healing… he just had to believe in Him and His power.

The same applies to us today.  We may not be able to perform miracles of the flesh, but the Holy Spirit is powerful if we’ll only allow it to work through us.  True faith is strong.  Don’t minimize God with a small faith.  He has big things he’d like to do through us if only we’ll let Him.



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