Fight or Flight



Have you ever found yourself in a terrible situation?  One in which your only choice was to use your fight or flight mechanism?  We were created to have this response so that we can defend ourselves when necessary and escape when we need to preserve our life or character.  It seems most of humanity now sides with the fight portion of this mechanism and doesn’t know when to flee from bad situations.  People seem so intent on protecting their opinion and selfishness to do what they want that they attack anyone or anything that gets in their way.  In fact, Satan is at the root of most of the bad situations we find ourselves in, and God has given us some direction on how to handle this.  We are guided in James 4:7-8 to “Submit  yourselves, then, to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

It looks like we can apply our fight or flight mechanism to this as well.  Sometimes fleeing gets a bad rap for being a weak way to handle things.  But at times, we need to simply flee from the devil.  Run away from situations that could get you into trouble.  Leave regardless of how it may make you look to others.  You may lose some so-called “friends” but you’ll come closer to God.

Our opportunity to fight shouldn’t be set aside though.  Some scenarios require us to stand up and fight against something we know to be wrong; things that don’t coincide with God’s teaching.  Even this one action could help to make Christianity less marginalized in our society today, and we would also come closer to God in the process.

Either way, our aim is to know God better and seek to follow and obey Him.  We must continue to live as aliens in a foreign land because our ultimate goal is to get home to where we won’t have to flee or fight… our home in heaven.



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