Is There Such Thing as Good T.V.?

I have a friend at church who does not have a tv.  Their family has made the decision to not allow the negative impact of immoral programming affect their lives.  I’ll admit that when I first learned this, I thought they were crazy.  I mean, there’s plenty of wholesome things on television right?  It just depends on what shows you choose to watch.

But on closer inspection, I think my friend is right on this one.  I began to look at some of the shows I enjoy watching and found plenty of reference to things that I, as a Christian, profess to be against.  Take foul language or crass joking as an example.  Today, there seems nothing too sacred to not talk about on tv.  Even though some of the language is censored out, its presence is still felt in the context of the show.  And what about violence?  Programming is considered tame in our society today if it doesn’t contain killing or some other sort of destructive behavior.  Worst of all may be the pervasiveness of sex on our tv.  Every lewd and disgusting sexual act is paraded in front of us as normal human behavior.  Viewing a Christian husband and wife relationship on tv is becoming extinct.

So what can I or anyone else do to keep this revolting imagery from entering our minds?  We can do as my friend did and do away with tv altogether.  Others are fighting back by not watching those programs with questionable content and not patronizing the businesses that advertise on them.  My family and I have reduced the amount of tv we watch and weigh the message of a program against what God says.

But most importantly, it’s a reminder that we live in a world that is becoming morally bankrupt by the day.  We as Christians have a duty to not idly sit by and blindly turn on and tune out, unaware of what is entering our minds.  We must pursue Godly righteousness, even if that means doing away with or drastically cutting back on television.  There’s much better things to fill our time with anyway.



4 thoughts on “Is There Such Thing as Good T.V.?

  1. But isn’t this just another example of Christians hiding from the big bad world? I understand not watching continuously shows that are far from Godly. But how do we ever engage people if don’t have some understanding of the culture in which they live and what is shaping that culture. T.V., by and large, does a lot of culture shaping.
    How would we help our kids build discernment? How will they learn to choose wise from unwise? Why not redeem that tv time to lead a family discussion? Why not invite neighbors over to watch a new movie and get into a discussion on its view of God or man’s depravity. We can use the entertainment world for the gospel.

    1. Joe Butler

      I completely understand your argument that we need an understanding of the world in order to engage others about God, but do we really or do we need only to know the true and defining word of God. Through His word we are told everything we need for understanding and He specifically warns us of the possibility of succumbing to the world unless we live in it and not of it. It definitely is a fine line to walk and each soul would have to take into considering how they may be tempted by what they view or partake of.

    1. Joe Butler

      I read the link you attached about tv’s effect on children. Very interesting since I’ve been a 4th grade teacher for the last 8 years and I get to see first hand tv’s and video game’s poisoning of children’s minds. It is very easy to tell which parents simply sit their kids in front of the babysitter (tv) and what a negative effect it has on their development and imagination. It’s hard for teachers to compete with tv for kid’s attention. Usually we teachers are on the losing end with that one.

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