Just Passin’ Thru

I read a book by this title (Just Passin’ Thru) by a man named Winton Porter recently.  Since it was a book about the Appalachian Trail and I love hiking, I had to pick it up.  Mr. Porter owns the Mountain Crossings store about 33 miles into the trail in the mountains of northern Georgia.  In fact, the trail runs right through the breezeway of his store.  It’s a pretty neat place.  I was there about a year ago when I finished hiking a section of the AT.  I saw quite an eclectic group of people.  Gathered together that day on the balcony behind the store were locals from the area, families visiting over spring break, weekend hikers just out for a few nights in the woods, and all of the thru-hikers making their way to Maine.  Those thru-hikers were just at the very beginning of their journey; one that still had over 2000 miles to go.  To be honest, I longed to go with them.  The sudden urge to continue on up the trail tried to overtake me.  I already had everything I needed in my backpack.  But the sad story is, most of those hikers never make it to Maine.  The statistics show only about 10-20 percent of those who start see it through to the end.  The realization hit me that most if not all of the things in life are that way.  We are just passin’ thru this life here on earth.  Many of us start something and never see it to completion.  For whatever reason, we give up or allow our circumstances to beat us or to control our lives.  As a Christian, I must realize that my journey, and whether I finish it to the best of my ability, has eternal ramifications. But like those hikers on the trail that day, I’m just passin’ thru.  I’m a stranger in this land and my home in heaven still awaits my arrival.



One thought on “Just Passin’ Thru

  1. George Hardwick

    I love finding metaphors for life like hiking and solo traveling. Its easy to make any excuse not to finish something. This sounds like a really interesting book. Nice post!

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