What is the Christian Life…A Life That Can Being Eternal Life

I’ve spent the last month or so writing about the Christian life and I’ve arrived at my final post for this series.  I hope it’s been as rewarding for you to read as it has been for me to prepare.

One of my favorite songs is “This World is Not My Home” because it reminds me of our ultimate goal to reach heaven.  So, we end this study of the Christian life celebrating our final home.  Christians deal with the same struggles the rest of the world does and one of those struggles is focusing too much on the here and now. With so many issues pressing in on us, it’s hard to stay focused on God and his commands for our lives. The challenge of balancing our spiritual, work, family, and personal lives is sometimes overwhelming. And in truth, it’s usually our time with God that suffers the most. In reality, our dedication to God and his commandments and our love for others should take the forefront. When those issues come first, we begin to think with an eternal mindset and we can then look off into the future and not just see the end of our lives but instead see heaven.  Because of the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus, we can have that hope of eternity.

Romans 6:22 says, “But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.”  When taken in context, the bible is speaking about being slaves to sin or slaves to righteousness. We do not get to throw as much of the world into our lives as possible and hope to still have time and energy for God. We either continue to live an old life dedicated to the trappings of this world, or we live a new life centered around showing gratitude to God for his grace and our promised home in heaven.

As we’ve studied the Christian life, I hope that we’ve been challenged to examine ourselves and to learn more about how God would have us live while we await the glorious return of our Savior Christ Jesus.  In the meantime, let us continue to love God, one another, and the world around us, living a life worthy of our calling.




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