Why Bother?

We’re having a soul winning campaign at our church this week.  People from Gospel Share Ministries are helping members of our congregation go out into the community to knock doors and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost.  It’s a “get Christianity out of the church building” campaign.  We are also attempting to meet the needs of anyone we come in contact with.  It’s the “Great Commission” at work, the very work Jesus called us to do.

But sadly, there will be grumbling.  Like any group of believers, some are likely to complain and one of the biggest complaints is “Why bother?”.  They wonder why we put in all this effort when some that are saved will just fall away.  Why bother when some that are saved are just looking for a handout or trying to take advantage of the church.  Jesus addressed that very issue when he spoke the parable of the soils in Matthew chapter 13.  He told us that when we sow the seed of the gospel, it will land on soils that are unproductive.  But he also promised that some of the seed sown will land on good soil and produce a crop of its own.  Also, heaven rejoices at the saving of even one soul (Luke 15:7).

And so we go.  We go and spread the gospel because we love God, because we’re grateful for his grace, and because we want, like God, to see every soul saved and reconciled to him once again.  It’s the greatest mission one can undertake, and it’s the only mission whose results will be felt for eternity.



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