God the Creator

I spent a couple of days this past week hiking in the Smoky Mountains for a summer vacation. For those who have visited that part of the country, you’ll know how beautiful the views can be, especially on a clear day. image

Looking off into North Carolina and Tennessee from the Appalachian Trail you can see the evidence of God’s creation everywhere.  I found myself walking down the trail by myself, miles away from the nearest road, singing praises to a loving God who created it all.  I know not everyone is the “outdoorsy” type, but take a moment to get out on a trail in the woods or a vast view of a mountain range or a pristine beach at sunset and soak up the majesty and grandeur that is our God!



3 thoughts on “God the Creator

  1. Tammy

    Beautiful area and so enjoyed our time there the other week. Found myself singing How Great Thou Art over and over again!!!

  2. Joe Butler

    Thank you Tammy. Views like these are why I like hiking so much. Anyone truly looking can see the fingerprints of God in vistas like these.

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