I Pledge Allegiance to………………My God!

Happy 4th of July America!  If you’re a proud American like me, today has a special significance. A day set aside by our nation to celebrate our independence and success as a country. Patriotism runs high, families get together, fireworks explode.  I always spend time with my whole family during the 4th of July week so I look forward to this time every year.  My family and I watched a fireworks show last night, so today I have time to reflect on the meaning of this holiday.

Ironically, we continue to call ourselves a Christian nation, yet we pledge more allegiance to our flag and our country, our constitutional rights and our freedom more than we do to God. At least most American lives speak to this truth. So today, I openly pledge allegiance to my God. I love my country very much and always will, but I will love God more. I will serve him and defend him to the best of my ability.  I will fight the good fight, praising his holy name for as long as I am blessed to live.  I pledge to put him first in my life and love him and others the way he would have me to.

I pledge allegiance to my God!


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