How Will You Be Known

Growing up, I remember occasionally reading Peanuts comic strips. I enjoyed them, but I enjoyed the television cartoons even more. There was always a Peanuts cartoon special for all the major holidays. Snoopy and Charlie Brown seemed to be fan favorites. Others liked Lucy or Woodstock, Peppermint Patty or Linus.  But I never heard anyone admit, at least not openly, that their favorite character was Pig Pen. I mean, it’s hard to relate to a kid who walks around with a cloud of dust and dirt hovering around him.


Ironically and unbeknownst to some of us today, we walk around with a constant cloud of complaints or despair or discouragement. The problem with carrying those things around is that they’re bound to make others “dirty” just by having contact with us. Jesus gave us a different job though. He has asked us to give off an aura of light, reflecting him to the world around us. You see, the world and the people we come in contact with will be affected by what we give off…a cloud of dirt, or a perfect light. We’ll either be known as a Pig Pen, a person to avoid, or we’ll be known as a disciple of Jesus, a person of hope and faith and love. Most importantly, letting our light shine brings praise to God (Matthew 5:16).  That should be our ultimate goal.


5 thoughts on “How Will You Be Known

  1. Joe Butler

    Thanks Tammy. Keri and I have always wanted, if possible, to be a ray of light in the lives of the people we come in contact with. I know I sometimes fall short and allow my pessimism or disappointment to come out. I just remind myself that I need to reflect God to those around me. It may be the only time in their day they see Him.

  2. Justin

    Brother, what a great example for us to be able to look inward at ourselves. It is sad to realize that we are the reason that no one wants to be like us. We are blessed when we look at ourselves honestly and change, James 1:22-24. Thank you for this wonderful motivation to be what God would have me to be through changing not just how I’m viewed but how I am.

  3. Joe Butler

    Thanks Justin for your feedback. The truth is, we Christians, if we take seriously proclaiming the great name of Jesus, must continually and homestly examine ourselves making sure we are presenting a holy life to God but also making sure we have the biggest impact on those around us.

  4. The True Light!

    A sweet and simple truth here, Joe. Our joy in the Lord should go before us for others to see. We should be defined by our loving attitude and hopeful demeanor. Good post!

    The True Light

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