Simple Pleasures

What does it mean to really live?  Sitting here reminiscing on my 38 years alive, it’s the simple pleasures, the experiences God has blessed me with that mean so much. Some of those experiences are relating to the world around me. Moments in nature are fond memories. I’ll never forget the summer morning the first time I saw Mt. Rainier. I can still see the glacier-covered mountain contrasted against a clear blue sky or smell the fresh scent of the fir and spruce trees that grow around the mountain, guarding its flanks. I remember nights on my grandparents back porch watching fireflies flit about and feeling the warm summer breeze play across my skin. I love the times when I’ve been at the beach watching the sunrise paint the horizon and hearing the sugar-white sand squeak beneath my feet. And the times spent hiking, when I’ve pressed on for miles only to be rewarded with a view far more vast than my eyes can behold.

Some of my most cherished experiences involve time spent with others. Time growing up when our family would sit around the dinner table two hours after the meal talking and laughing and joking. Or the day in early December of 2001 when I told my wife “I do!”  I love the times when my daughter comes running screaming “Daddy, Daddy!” because she’s excited to show me something, or the moments when I’ve said I love you and those words were spoken in return.

I also relish the times when my soul’s thirst has been quenched during praise and worship of God. The times when I pour out my heart in song or when I cast my concerns and cares on him during prayer. I love the moments when I see God’s love for me in all of my experiences and I’m comforted and blessed to know that I’ve been forgiven.

These are some of the wonderful moments of my life, the memories that show me how rich my life truly is. It is the simple pleasures that remind us of what this life is supposed to mean. Those simple pleasures are all around us just waiting to be found and enjoyed.



One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. The True Light!

    Hey Joe! You know, I was out this morning and looked at a pasture of land leading off into the mountains. I make a note to look at it almost every day because it’s always so beautiful. I’ll say a quick prayer of thanks for the majesty of His creation most of the time when passing by.

    The simple pleasures are some of the greatest blessings we have in this life. Imagine what heaven will be like, in all of the glory of His light!

    Another super thought to share with us, my friend…

    The True Light

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