New Friends

You know the old saying, “Be careful of the company you keep.”  It’s true and I can tell you of two of my friends who have prevented me from reaching my full potential.  Their names are Worry and Doubt.  Doubt likes to whisper in one ear reminding me of how bad things are.  He’ll twist the truth at times and turn me against my family and even against God.  Doubt likes to mention how there’s very little chance things will work out to my advantage.  And then there’s his partner in crime, Worry.  He’s been a pal of mine for a long time.  Always the pessimist, he’ll heap loads of stress into my life making me think about things I have no control over or even things that may never come to fruition.  In fact, when I spend time with Worry I feel sick to my stomach, physically unable to enjoy my life.

You know what though?  I’m tired of hanging out with those guys, allowing them to rob me of hope and happiness.  I’ve made a new friend now and his name is Faith.  He’s always smiling, joyful, willing to lend a hand.  Always reliable, he’s there to lead me when I go astray, and he knows just the right things to say to help me love God more.  In fact, if it weren’t for Faith, I’d be hopelessly lost.  He told me God’s grace works through him to save me (Ephesians 2:8).

The best part is my friendship with Faith is not exclusive.  He’ll be your friend too but on one condition.  He refuses to hang out with Doubt and Worry.  Looks like you’ll just have to tell those guys to hit the road!










3 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. The True Light!

    Very clever, Joe! Those “friends,” Worry and Doubt,” are just two of many which the evil one likes to send our way. He has a bunch just like them, as his “bag of tricks” is huge!

    But if we can learn this, and be on the look out for his “brazen buddies,” we will be better off for it in the future. Always remember that Our Lord has the cure for every spiritual ill which can befall us. And He loves us and wants us to succeed, unlike Satan, who just devours and destroys!

    Another super post, my brother! Keep Satan “on the ropes!”

    The True Light

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