Think back to when you were a kid.  I know it may have been a while, but think back before the worries of life began to weigh on your shoulders.  Back when you used your imagination and didn’t need a tv or the internet or a cellphone to keep you occupied (And yes, if we’re honest, blogging is part of the internet).  Think about when you could play for hours on end with the most basic of things.  I remember growing up playing with my brother and sister and creating all manner of games and ideas from the best entertainer God ever created…our imaginations.

Those childhood years are behind me now but I still get to use my imagination as a teacher of fourth graders.  There’s just something about being around 9 and 10 year olds that helps to keep you young.  But the best times are watching my daughter play by herself.  I find so much joy in walking into her room to find her playing school with all of her baby dolls or watching her build a fort to hide out in.  Even Jesus, when speaking to his disciples, reminds them of the innocent, humble nature of children (Matt. 18:3-5).  So there’s much to learn from the kids around us and I believe one thing is to remember the imagination we once had.


It’s pretty obvious that walking through adulthood is tough.  In fact, I know quite a few adults who would gladly trade all of their stress for the more relaxed years of their childhood.  And  I can’t help but wonder, why don’t we at least do that mentally?  It appears as if many Christians have lost their wonder of God.  They’ve quit imagining what heaven will be like or ceased to be amazed at the beautiful world God created.  Instead, we’re too busy chasing after pointless trophies like another job promotion or just a little more success.  All the while we’re missing out on the peace that God promises to those who believe in him.  And I mean really believe.  The kind of belief that occurs when we set aside this world and its treasures that fade and focus our minds and our hearts on Christ Jesus.

So I’m going to ask you to do something crazy.  After you’ve read this post (and “liked” it and sent it too every person you know), turn off your computer or cellphone and find something to use your imagination on.  Play with your kids or even the neighbor’s kids and enjoy what a simple life they live.  Find a trail and take a short hike.  Relish the amazing nature of God’s creation.  Or just find a quiet corner, pull out your bible, and begin reading Revelation chapter 4 and 5.  Use your imagination and God’s words to picture that amazing scene of heaven.  Feel the joy that rises in your soul knowing that one day, if you walk in the light of Jesus, you will get to be a part of that celebration and will be able to praise God for all of eternity.  What a beautiful scene that  will be!



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