The Great Disconnect

God’s grace.  The central pillar of Christianity it would seem.  We love enjoying the idea of the grace of God.  A grace so strong that God is defined as love (1 John 4:8).  A grace so selfless that he would sacrifice his own Son (John 3:16).  A grace which is unearned and unmerited so that we are in awe of its gift (Ephesians 1:6).  And yet, in this praising of God’s grace, do we sometimes miss its true purpose?  Are we possibly thinking that the end result of God’s perfect grace was to benefit us somehow?

imagesCALRTYRKTrue, the grace of God is inherently tied with our salvation.  We would have no hope without it.  But do we typically define the message of Christianity as “God loves ME?”  Or do we define grace as God’s sacrifice of his Son for MY sins?  If you will notice, these two examples, along with countless other definitions of grace, tend to center around the word “me.”

If we believe we are the reason for God’s grace, that the object of Christianity is to please me, then we’re bound to have a self-centered view of God.  Just look around.  It’s easy to see.  Even in Christian circles, our hopes, wishes, and desires tend to be about me.  What church is good for me?  What career is good for me?  Which church programs best cater to me?  How do I want to live, what do I deem as success?  What’s best for me?

But God’s grace is different.  While many passages in scripture support the notion that we’re the recipients of God’s mercy and grace, the sole purpose of such grace is to bring him glory.  There cannot be a disconnect between God’s grace and his glory.  We were created for his glory (Isaiah 43:7).  We were saved for his glory (Isaiah 43:25).  We do good works and spread the gospel so he recieves the glory (Matthew 5:16 and 1 Peter 2:12).

We will spend eternity proclaiming his glory.  Our God is an awesome God and he deserves every ounce of praise and glory we can give him.  Try spending the rest of your day thinking how you can glorify God with your worship, attitude, and actions and find the joy that can only be found when God is put above all else.



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