The Life You Were Meant to Live

For those who serve in the military, you know what that life is all about.  Growing up in a military family, I understood that service to your country may require being called upon to fight and defend our country during times of war.  All those who enlist know this when they sign up.

As a disciple of Christ, I should be well aware of what kind of life I’m called to live.  If being a disciple or Christian means following Christ, then his own life and teachings make it abundantly clear what my life should look like as well.  We are called to be pilgrims, strangers in a foreign land, just temporary residents here on earth.  We are called to store up for ourselves treasure in heaven and not chase after wealth and possessions here (Matt. 6:19-33).  We are called to carry our crosses (Luke 9:23).

Furthermore, we are called to be humble, not concerned with our own rights or disappointed by the persecution we are bound to face (Matt. 5:5 and Matt. 15:18-21).  We are to be separate and apart from the world and yet still look after the souls of others.  We must be open to see and meet the needs of those around us and the only way to do that is to remove ourselves.  If a disciple is more concerned about what is rightfully his, he misses out on the people in need that God has placed in his path.

God's Way
God’s Way

Now all of this sounds familiar doesn’t it?  For those who are members of the body of Christ, we already know the life God has called us to live.  We’ve studied our bibles and know the verses that speak of sacrifice and our commitment to the kingdom.  So why don’t most Christians live that way?  Why is there a shortage of people willing to share the gospel with others?  Why do Christians spend money the same as the world or view the same tv shows or have the same divorce rates?  Why are church budgets primarily spent meeting the needs of the believers who attend?

The answer is really simple.  The is answer is a lack of faith.  Many followers of Christ say they have faith, but actions speak otherwise.  We don’t look like the first century church in Acts.  We’re too busy chasing down safety and comfort.  We’re afraid of what a full commitment to Christ might mean.  Anxiety has crept in and convinced us that chasing the American dream is more important than chasing after God.  Our most egregious sin is not believing God is adequate enough to provide for the needs of those who really follow him.  So we just add God in.  We carve out a small fraction of our lives that he can have and leave the rest to serve ourselves.

I implore you…Live the life you were meant to live!  God has called you and I to risk some.  He is faithful.  He is powerful.  He will meet the needs of those who follow him (Psalm 84:11).



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