What Will We Do With Our Freedom

Veterans...Thank you for your service
Veterans…Thank you for your service

Freedom!  It is a much talked about, much demanded and costly trait of American life. Costly in a sense that our freedom doesn’t come freely. It has to be sought after and fought for. Today, Veteran’s Day, is a celebration, a day of remembrance for those men and women who have served our country defending the freedom we consider so vital to our existence.

As the son of a veteran, I’ve spent my entire life in a military community of some sort. I’ve grown up seeing first hand the pride and honor shown by those who have dedicated their lives in service to our country. I’ve also seen many people over the years show their appreciation for that sacrifice with ceremonies and parades, support and thanksgiving. But I want to ask whether those, as Christians, have truly shown thanks for our religious freedoms that we have been afforded.

What I mean is, have we used the sacrifice of veterans to take care of only ourselves?  Have we used the peace and freedom given to us to live quiet and comfortable lives?  Have we looked to our government and soldiers to create for us a calm, pleasant environment for us to go about our own business?

I can think of no better way to thank veterans today than by using our time to teach others about Christ. Instead of using my freedom to meet only my needs, I can use it to meet the needs of others. God has truly blessed us to live in a nation where we can worship him freely but he doesn’t just want us to sit back and be compartmentalized in our own little families and churches. God wants all Christians to work hard spreading the gospel to the world around us. Doing so gives thanks to veterans for their service and honors God for his provision.



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