A Week of Thanksgiving (Keri)

My beautiful bride!
My beautiful bride!

To say that I’m a spoiled husband would be a gross understatement. I am very well taken care of and that is why I am eternally grateful for my wife Keri. It’s not just what a wonderful woman she is around the house, although she takes great joy in cooking and cleaning and the chores that make a family run smoothly. But it’s also her amazing ability to love in all circumstances, to be understanding and considerate of my shortcomings, and her unique way of making every day seem like the best day of my life. She’s an amazing and nurturing mother, a romantic lover, a friend I can tell anything to and a virtuous Christian woman who lets her light shine in all that she does. I thank God today and every day for giving me such a remarkable, generous, and loving spouse.



3 thoughts on “A Week of Thanksgiving (Keri)

    1. Joe Butler

      A virtuous Christian woman is easy to praise. I don’t let a day go by without being thankful for the woman God has blessed me with. Thank you for your encouragement.

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