A Week of Thanksgiving (The Church)



It’s interesting that many look at the church as something to stay away from. Not me though. I’m extremely thankful and appreciative of what the church has meant in my life. Truthfully, I’ve had to grow to love the church. Being raised in a Christian home made me take the church for granted. It wasn’t until I grew a little older and had my own family that I began to be mature enough to understand the important role of the church. For me, being in the presence of other Christians worshipping God brings me the greatest joy and peace possible. I love to sing and listening to the praises we lift up to God makes my soul soar. I’m greatly encouraged by all of the men who I’ve heard preach the word of God and I’m excited when we have times of fellowship where I can gather with my friends and show each other love. All that the church does is for the glory of God and I’m thankful to be a part of a community willing to serve Him.



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