A Week of Thanksgiving (Friendship)


“A friend may very well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).  Of all the things God created for us, none is more important or more inspiring than each other. For those who have a close friend, you’ll know there are very few things to be more thankful for. When the bond between friends is created, no challenge or difficulty can break it. Great understanding accompanies our friendships, so much so that it’s if we are speaking to ourselves. Friends just get us and when they don’t, they seek to. They share our hopes and dreams, our frustrations and hurts. They use their time, money and talents to meet our needs. And when a friend is lost, it’s as if a piece of your soul goes with them. They may last for a season or for a lifetime, but a true friendship is something to find great value and appreciation in.

My Best Friend!
My Best Friend!




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