A Week of Thanksgiving (Contentment)

1 Timothy 6:6
1 Timothy 6:6

Looking back over my week of thanksgiving, I’ve found that remembering the things I’m thankful for has been a powerful reminder of my satisfaction in life. I have found great fulfillment in the simple things God has created and blessed me with. It’s a wonderful thing when peacefulness and contentment washes over you. It’s the realization that you have all that you need and you’re right where you belong. It’s a confidence and faith that if you received no more, you could count yourself immensely blessed. In the end, I’m thankful for being thankful because in doing so, I’ve learned what the meaning of my existence really is. It’s not in the abundance of my possessions or chasing after every pleasure. It’s the simple things… the love of God and family, the understanding of friends, the strength and power of the church, the beauty of nature and the blessing that comes with being thankful for it all.



2 thoughts on “A Week of Thanksgiving (Contentment)

    1. Joe Butler

      I agree. Even as Christians we get sidetracked by the trappings of this world. I’m daily learning how to think with an eternal mindset and keep my focus on Him.

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