Reign In Me

Dear Father in heaven. My most holy and righteous God. To you be all glory and honor and praise forever. I am simply amazed by your perfection, your majesty. My mind cannot even begin to fathom all your ways, all of your wisdom. My heart cannot comprehend your love.

Lord, you know that in all ways I seek to love you and serve you. You know that I am a sinner, that many times I fail to put you first in my life. You’re well aware of my struggles, my inconsistency at centering my life around you. Lord, I have ached in my heart over my failures. But I know you promise to love me. You’ve blessed me with far more than I deserve or could ever ask for. You have stayed faithful to me, showing me your goodness and your forgiving heart.

Father, I boldly ask that you reign in me. Take up residence within me through your Holy Spirit, Lord. Help me to feel your presence not just with me but in me. I pray that you use me. Use my gifts and abilities to further your kingdom. Speak through me God. Give me the knowledge to recall your word and allow me to openly proclaim it to others. Help me to be a light unto this world. I desire for others to see your Son Jesus through me. Show me how to love the way you love. Show me how to forgive the way you forgive. And always may the glory be yours.

Take control. Reign in me. Amen.




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