Believing the Best

Dear Lord,

I most graciously come before your holy and righteous throne.  I am humbled by the thought that I may speak to you directly, that I may bare my heart and soul to my creator and Father.  I’m so grateful for your Son and my Savior Jesus whose sacrifice has allowed me to come to you with prayers of thanksgiving and supplication.  Lord, you know I have a faith problem.  You know that I need to grow confidence in your promises and believe that you will always provide.  I’ve let my lack of faith deter me from many a calling you would have me to follow.  I’ve done so because I doubt.  I allow anxiety to rule my decisions at times and I create worry where there should be none.

But, Lord, you are always patient with me.  You always believe the best in me and my abilities.  You created me and know my inner most thoughts, my most intimate worries, and you have told me through your word to cast my cares upon you.  And yet, I have trouble doing so.  I spend passionate times of worship with you and then walk away and forget your love for me.  I forget your mercy and grace when I fail and I allow the cares and worries of this world to reign in my mind.

Lord, I ask that you grant me the understanding to know the good you have in store for me.  I beg you to give me the patience and wisdom to overcome my doubt.  I ask that you help me believe the best in others.  Father, you know how I’ve held on to past hurts.  I’ve let bad actions of people close to me consume my thoughts and I’ve required restitution to grant them forgiveness.  Help me to forgive others the way you forgive me.  Help me to forget and move on from past grievances.  Make me realize that your grace is sufficient and that I can grant grace to others if I choose.  Give me a compassionate heart and help me to love others more than myself.  But most importantly, cause me to see how truly blessed I am.

It’s in the name of your Son Jesus that I pray, Amen.




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