A hiker’s worst nightmare met me on one of my recent hikes on the Appalachian Trail.  My destination for the night, Icewater Springs Shelter, was still a few miles away and a thunderstorm was rolling in.  Being on a ridgeline at 5900′ with lightning popping around you is definitely not a comfortable feeling.  I knew where the shelter was, I was on a well-marked trail, I knew I could make it.

Even though the shelters are 3-sided affairs, open to the elements on one side, the relative safety they provide is still comforting.  I did arrive safely at the shelter that day and, from the comfort of my sleeping bag, watched a powerful storm move by that evening.  The lightning flashed brilliantly around me and the thunder rolled and echoed off the surrounding mountains.  It was amazing to behold, but I had luckily found home and safety for the night.

Icewater Springs Shelter (Appalachian Trail)
Icewater Springs Shelter
(Appalachian Trail)

In Psalm 91:4, God promises us this same kind of comfort.  “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.”  It brings much peace to know that God is always where we can find him.  His truth and love never change and he never departs from us.  His wings are spread, beckoning us to find refuge beneath them.  When we do, we find protection and security from the world around us; a contentment beyond explanation.



One thought on “Safe!!!

  1. I have been here! I am only a day-hiker and it was a beautiful sunny day in the Smokies! I can only imagine what a “sight for sore eyes” the shelters are for those truly hiking the AT. And I understand the analogy to our Father in heaven. More times than not, hiking and enjoying nature enrich my faith!

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