Speak Nice!

Ephesians 4:29
Ephesians 4:29

Unwholesome talk.  Why do we always think that only includes our now famous list of cuss words in the English language?  For some reason, we believe that as long as we don’t curse, we’re speaking nice.  But if we look at the rest of this passage in Ephesians, we find out that any speech that does not build up is really unwholesome talk.  When we speak to one another in mock politeness or sarcasm born from an irritated heart, it is just as bad as a cuss word laden tirade. When our words sound nice but our tone and face say otherwise, we are speaking unwholesome talk. Our tongues are hard to control but control them we can with the help of the word of God.  Speak nice!  Let your speech be filled with comfort and love to one another.  Build others up with what you say and watch them light up from the inside.  Let the kindness of our God be evident in all that you say.



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