Imitating Christ Through Marriage (Part 2)

Are you a real man?  There’s one easy way to tell.  Just look at your marriage.  Do you love your wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her?  If like me you’ve fallen short in this area from time to time, fear not.  Let’s look at God’s word and see what it looks like to be a real man.

Godly Marriage
Godly Marriage

If you haven’t read my previous post (Imitating Christ Through Marriage (Part 1)), I encourage you to do so.  We are looking at Ephesians 5:22-33 as our biblical blueprint for marriage and how, by following this passage, we can imitate Christ.  So how does one love their wife as Christ loved the church?  Sounds like an impossible task to me.  My love for my wife should mirror Christ’s love for her?  Not only that, but I should work at maintaining such a high level of purity and selflessness that when she looks at me, shes sees Jesus.  It sounds like God is asking the unattainable but what he’s asking is that I follow the example of Jesus.

Jesus gave everything for his bride the church.  He provides a perfect character to mimic.  He showed us what it looks like to let go of ourselves and think of others.  Jesus led by example because he was preparing us to meet God one day.  He sacrificed himself so we can stand before a holy and perfect God.  And we are to do the same for our wives.  Through humility and love, we are to sacrifice for her in a way that brings her closer to Jesus.  We are to encourage her to love God.  We are to love her even as we love ourselves.

There’s really only one way to do that and it has nothing to do with your wife.  It’s learning to find strength and needs through Jesus first.  By placing expectations on your spouse, we eventually set them up for failure.  But by looking at Christ and his care for us, we’re able to flood our wives with the same love he gives to us.  A love like this is grounded in humility.  It’s fed with patience, forgiveness, and kindness.  It’s nurtured to maturity through sacrifice.  The ultimate goal is that others will see the love we show to our wives and immediately think of Jesus and his love for us.  If that happens, we are truly successful at imitating Christ.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the roles of a wife in a Godly marriage and how Jesus’ example of humility can be imitated to the glory of God.



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