Loving God On Purpose (A Story of Daily Testimony)

Jim didn’t know anything about Jesus or God but he was willing to learn.  Jim had built his life on hard work and success.  He was taught by his father that if you want something in life you have to go after it.  You had to have drive and purpose.  Nothing was going to come for free.  So Jim put his head down and pressed forward.  College education.  Corporate ladder.  Material success.  He knew he had it good.  At least that’s what everyone told him.  When he began to question it all, his friends took notice.  They told Jim not to worry, that he deserved the fruits of his labor.

But something was missing in his life and Jim couldn’t figure it out.  A neighbor had noticed though.  Greg lived across the street with his wife and two sons.  He noticed Jim’s drive, his success, and at times he envied him.  But Greg had a different manner about him, a calmness and confidence that amazed Jim.  After an especially stressful week at work , Jim approached Greg in his front yard and struck up a conversation.  That initial meeting turned into a budding friendship full of family get-togethers and paired vacations.


And then he asked.  Jim had to know what it was about Greg that made him so humble, so in control of who he was.  Greg just laughed when Jim brought it up.  “I’m not in control of anything Jim.  God is!”  Jim learned that day that Greg lived his life for God.  He began to understand what it meant to love God, to live and act and love with a godly purpose.  Through his friend Greg, Jim learned who Jesus was.  He learned about the amazing gift of grace and forgiveness offered to him for free from God.  Most importantly, Jim learned that God had a purpose from him.  Jim, through his study of the Bible, understood that serving his own needs was not what life was all about.

He learned to love others and God on purpose!



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