Simplicity in a World of Excess

“The one who dies with the most toys wins.”  I remember seeing that phrase on a bumper sticker once and thinking, Really?  Is that what we’ve become?  A society that measures value by the scope of one’s possessions?  I used to think that was ridiculous, that wasn’t me. But one look at all of my possessions says otherwise. We truly live in a world of excess, especially here in America.



God, on the other hand, has a very direct message about possessions and wealth. He warns us in his word to be careful of money and its hold on us. Our excessive wants make it more difficult to enter heaven (Mark 10:25). We should not find our identity in what we own (Luke 12:15). Rather, we should use our material blessings to take care of our basic needs and use the rest to invest for eternity (Matthew 6:19-21). Godliness and contentment are virtues all Christians should strive for (1 Timothy 6:6) in order to stay clear of the material trappings of this world.



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