A Letter to my Daughter

emmaTo my dearest Emma Grace,

If only words could express how much you mean to me.  I prayed for you long before you were ever born, long before I even married your Mommy.  I knew God had a blessing in store for me and you are his gift to me, a blessing beyond compare.  For eight years now I’ve had the joy of watching you grow, watching you learn, and I’m amazed at the fine young lady you are becoming.

Your kind heart encourages me more than you’ll ever know.  When I see you share and show consideration to all your friends I know you have a real love and care for those around you.  When I listen to your prayers at night, you remind me to be thankful for all the little blessings in life.  When I feel you hug me tight after a long day at work, you make all of my stress and worries melt away.

Although you may not know, there have been times when I’ve been up early to go to work and have opened your door and watched you sleep.  I’ve sat there and prayed over you that you would be safe, that God would guard your heart.  I’ve prayed that you would feel the unending love that Mommy and Daddy have for you.

I want you to know what a precious girl you are.  Know that you have a place in my heart that can be filled by no one else but you.  Know that I think about you constantly and I’m more proud of you than words can explain.  Remember that it was Mommy and Daddy’s love that made you, that God gave you to us so we could see what real love looks like.  I will always be here to love you, to teach you, to pray for you, to be that shoulder to cry on, to be the ear that listens and to be the one who will forgive.  I love you Emma.  Always have…Always will.

Love, Daddy

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