God’s Grace is All I Need



Mistakes. We’ve all made them. Some more than others. I’ll admit, I belong to the “more” category. It’s fixing those mistakes that can be the problem. It’s especially difficult when dealing with those who withhold their forgiveness and grace. Apologies tend to come up short. They’re like a band-aid on a broken bone. They just don’t take the pain away. And time sometimes helps.

But God has given me grace and that’s all the grace I need (2 Corinthians 12:9). I refuse to live a life drowning in remorse and guilt over past mistakes. Jesus came to defeat guilt and shame (1 John 1:9/ Ephesians 1:7). I don’t have to be a slave to someone else who doesn’t think I’m good enough or makes me work for their forgiveness. I refuse to let their bitterness control my life. “For I can do anything through Christ, who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13).





2 thoughts on “God’s Grace is All I Need

    1. Joe Butler

      I just had to get this down in words. My wife and I, too often, are worried about pleasing others even when they walk all over us. I needed to remember that God gives perfect grace and forgiveness and doesn’t have strings attached. He just loves us unconditionally. I don’t need to spend time worrying whether Or not others are pleased with my actions. I can’t please everyone all the time anyway.

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