Taking A Risk



Recently, I learned of the news that a coworker of mine passed away suddenly of a brain aneurism.  The grief her family is experiencing right now is huge to say the least. And while we never enjoy hearing of the passing of a dear friend or loved one, it’s a sobering reminder of how short and fragile our lives really are. It’s also a reminder to make the most of what God has blessed us with and do it for his glory.

In the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25:14-30, we see an example of how God rewards those who use what they have been given. When the servants who received the five talents and the two talents multiplied their investment, the master in the story (who represents God) was pleased with their work. In fact, he referred to each servant as “good and faithful” (vs. 21,23).

In our lives, we have a choice to make in regards to how we use our talents. The reality is, God is disappointed when he has invested so much in his creation only to have us be afraid at times to use what he’s given us. We have to take big risks with what God has blessed us with. Our greatest rewards are usually found when we take those risks.

Clichés abound about how we should live in the moment and appreciate everything we have before it’s gone. The problem is fear sometimes gets in our way and paralyzes us into inaction so that we don’t make a mistake. The only real mistake though is not taking a risk. If you fear messing up, you’ll miss out on what could have been.

If the loses in our lives remind us of anything, I pray they remind us that tomorrow is not a guarantee. Take big risks for God. My friend Denise did throughout her life and she is now being rewarded for her faithful service to Christ. And that is such a beautiful reward to look forward to.



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