Majesty and Meekness

Artwork by Danielle Sobol
Artwork by Danielle Sobol

Envision a king.  The fairytale scene of a majestic king clothed in the finest of fabrics, adorned with priceless gold jewelry and carrying a jewel-studded sword.  This image of the kings of old ruling over their land with powerful commands is exactly what we envision a king to look like.  We expect a king to bring strength and honor, power and wisdom.

But that’s not how Jesus enters his kingdom.  Jesus is born to a regular family in the dingy confines of a stable.  Later, Jesus rides in on a donkey.  No trumpets blare.  No precession of soldiers.  No golden chariot guarded by royal subjects.  And yet his followers feel something about this Jesus.  He brings the wisdom of a king and still honors the poor (Mark 12:41-44).  He can heal the sick and raise the dead and still cry at the loss of a friend (John 11:35).  He knows the word of God like the religious elite of his day, but Jesus actually puts it into practice (Mark 2:13-17).

Jesus is our rightful king but he doesn’t use his Lordship to abuse us.  He shows his power through love and sacrifice.  Quite the opposite of what an earthly king would do.  He is majesty and meekness.  He is the Lion and the Lamb (Rev. 5:5-6).  He is perfectly just and yet exudes grace.  He has dominion over all but still submits, even unto death (Phil.2:8).

This is the king I serve.  A king who loves me enough to lay down his life.  A king who will return one sweet day to take me home.



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