“Since I Believe in Jesus”

sinceI’ve mentioned before that I’m a fourth grade reading and social studies teacher.  It’s been my job for 11 years now to educate the young minds in my care.  I also have the opportunity every day to be a good Christian example.  And sometimes, my kids provide the good example for me.

Recently we were studying a story of Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood written by his sister Christine King Farris.  As a writing assignment to go along with the text, students were required to write a story about a special person they know and tell why he or she is so important.  One student in particular approached me and said, “Mr. Butler, Since I believe in Jesus, can I write about why he’s special to me?”  I told her that of course she could and watched her go back to her work with a big smile on my face.

So you see, contrary to the view of many skeptics, God is not dead in schools just yet.  He’s still alive and well in the hearts of the students and the example of some teachers.  Since I believe in Jesus, I will continue to let his light shine through me every day while I do my job.  And the kids will continue to be proud of their faith and there’s no thing or no one who can take that away from us.



6 thoughts on ““Since I Believe in Jesus”

  1. ephesians413

    Awesome! That’s very sweet. I teach ESL both in a local university and at night in a community college. My night students are the best. Almost every semester a student writes and tells me about how much Jesus has influenced his or her life. Of course they are allowed to write whatever they wish, but those stories are often the sweetest.

    1. Joe Butler

      I’ve always wanted to influence my students to know that they don’t have to bow to the pressure to keep their faith quiet. While not teaching doctrine specifically, I can still encourage them to stay strong in their beliefs and give them the permission to write or talk about it if they want to.

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