How Are You Going to Shine?

shineOne of the immature or misconstrued views of Christianity floating around out there is that it’s a belief predicated on ignorance.  Part of the reason for the misconception is because many associate Christianity with what you’re not allowed to do.  Or, many people think of the good they are supposed to do in order to show the world around them that they are a godly person.  The one question we should ask ourselves daily is, “In light of God’s wonderful grace and love for me, how can I serve God and be his disciple every day?”

The life of a Christian really is a life of daily personal examination (2 Cor. 13:5).  One thing I always ask of myself is, “What am I doing for the cause of Christ?”  The question is not posed in the hope that I could ever earn my salvation.  I ask it because I love God and want to fulfill his purpose for my life.  In fact, that is the underlying message of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30.

In that parable we see that we are all entrusted with specific talents or assets.  While it is easy to long for the talents of others, we must examine our own abilities.  What assets has God entrusted to you?  Also in the story we see the master (who represents God) desiring that the men with the talents actually use what they were given.  We cannot make excuses!  We must get out and use the things God has entrusted us with.  The one talented man in the story failed, not because he had little, but because he chose not to use it at all. Even worse is when we only use our talents for personal gain and not for serving God or others.

The story ends with a sobering reminder.  Verses 29 and 30 tell us that God takes seriously how we use what he has given to us.  Darkness awaits those who are not good stewards with their blessings.  While I would like that not to be true, it shows that I should be about God’s plan for my life and always use what he’s given me to get the job done and let my light shine.



3 thoughts on “How Are You Going to Shine?

  1. These truths seem to be the thing the Spirit is really calling His church to focus on at this season of the world. We must be about the Father’s business. It is time to give all for the Kingdom because He gave His all for us!

    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you. And you’re right. I know for sure that I’m not using my gifts to their full capacity and its something I’m working on in my life. I’ve been truly blessed and I want to use those abilities for Him.

      1. Me too. God is opening many doors and the harvest field is great. Yet I am constantly holding back or going forward not with utter abandon but with trepidation. I am learning to embrace my gifts and sow them generously but it is a process.

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