What Language Do You Speak?

agape'As many of you know, I teach fourth grade reading and language arts for a living.  But I’m no linguist.  My experience in languages doesn’t extend beyond a few years of high school Spanish and knowing some words in German (my family and I lived there in the late 70’s).  If I were to ever visit a foreign country I would have to hope that those conversing with me either spoke English or could understand my wild hand gestures.

But there is one universal language, understood by all of mankind.  It has been imprinted on all our hearts by our creator and there are many ways to speak it.  That language is called “Agape'”… the language of love.

There are no CD’s or Rosetta Stone or college courses that can teach this language.  You can only learn it by reading the Bible and getting to know God for God himself is love (1 John 4:8).  If there’s any language that you would ever seek to learn, let it be Agape’.  I guarantee you’ll never have a problem communicating again!


6 thoughts on “What Language Do You Speak?

  1. I speak English and Spanish and I’ve just begun Portuguese through DuoLingo, it’s been amazing to get the know the community of others who aren’t content to speak just one language, but we want to be polyglots who speak many languages. Still, it’s a nice reminder to always keep the language of love as a part of our lessons and to always speak gracefully, no matter which language we’re speaking.

  2. ephesians413

    The Lord has given me the privilege of teaching ESL in a nearby college for over twenty years. My students have come from every corner of this world. I can tell you of a truth that after all these years, the language of love is absolutely what everyone understands. if you love them, it changes everything. They can feel it and it lights up their lives and enables them to grow more quickly. It doesn’t matter what their native language is, they respond to love.

    1. Joe Butler

      Thank you and I’ve seen the same thing in my classroom as well. So many of our children today come from broken homes and my greatest privilege is to show them love and not just teach them reading. Kids who may be discipline problems or who may have given up trying suddenly come to life when they know you really care about them and their well being.

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