It’s Time to Fight


Trials have a way of getting you down don’t they?  You feel attacked, hopeless, angry, depressed, and bitter all at the same time. I wrote a post two days ago that contained my pleading and cries to God over one such trial.  That prayer was read and commented on by many of my friends and followers of this blog and their prayers and concern was greatly appreciated.

But I realized that I cannot lose the will to fight. With God’s help and the support of my friends around me, it’s time to strap on the gloves and fight against the lies and poison that Satan has put into my life. Satan has told me that I’m not good enough and I’ve believed that lie for far too long. He’s planted seeds of bitterness and anger in my heart and with my help has allowed them to grow into a tangle of weeds that has choked away any semblance of kindness and forgiveness that used to reside there.

I’ve allowed the past failures and mistakes committed against me to be used as an excuse to control and manipulate things to my advantage. And it was all justified because I was the one who was hurt in the first place. But while I looked out for only myself, I hurt others in the process, even those who were innocent of any trespass.  For far too long I have allowed Satan to use me as a tool to wreak havoc around me while he sits back and watches with a smile.

I think it’s about time I wipe that smile off Satan’s face. It’s time to fight. You see Satan, I have God on my side. I have his word to teach me and guide me in the knowledge of your deceptive ways. I have friends and family who love me and are joining me in this fight. I have other Christian brothers and sisters and followers of this blog who are lifting up powerful prayers against you and who are willing to fight on my behalf to see me restored and you defeated.

Satan…I’m not asking, I’m telling. BY THE POWER OF GOD, LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY ALONE!!!



8 thoughts on “It’s Time to Fight

  1. butlercreativewp

    Amen Brother! I know you can make it through this and as I said the other day this trial will make you a better Christian, brother, father and husband. I love you and praying for God to open his arms to you!

    1. Joe Butler

      Yeah, the book of James reminds us that trials are meant for us to grow and even in the past few days I’m learning that I needed a lesson in patience and forgiveness. I appreciate your support Steve. That’s what family is for.

    1. Joe Butler

      He’s defeated and yet is still spending time trying to get us to believe his lies. I know I’ve fallen prey and I’m tired of being his victim. That’s why I said it’s time to fight. We have God leading the charge. How could we possibly doubt the outcome.

  2. There you go, Joe! Hallelujah and Amen! Punch that grin off the devil’s face and tell him, “You have pushed me violently, Satan, that I might fall, but the LORD helped me. The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation. The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous; the right hand of the LORD does valiantly. The right hand of the LORD is exalted; the right hand of the LORD does valiantly. I SHALL NOT DIE, BUT LIVE, AND DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD. The LORD has chastened me sore, but He has NOT given me over unto death!” (see Psalm 118:13-18). The devil is indeed a liar and a defeated foe. He may roar like a lion, but he’s teeth have been pulled out. What can he really do?

    So good to read this post! Keep fighting the good fight of faith. You are most definitely not alone.

    – Mella

    1. Joe Butler

      I am literally standing here reading your words will goosebumps on my skin and tears in my eyes. Thank u so much for the encouragement. Let’s give God the glory for his defeat of Satan. He deserves our praise forever.

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