A Breath of Fresh Air

a breath of fresh airIt’s Fall in Florida, my favorite time of year.  With highs in the 60’s and low 70’s and nighttime temperatures in the 50’s, it’s perfect weather for all things outdoors.  Which is why I have the windows open at my house and I’m composing this post while sitting in a chair at the beach.

And like the fresh breeze I feel off the water as I write, repentance brings a breath of fresh air into our lives when we use it.  It cleanses our souls and revitalizes us, bringing renewal and healing.  Repentance always delivers us from guilt and releases a sense of freedom into us that can be found nowhere else.

The truth is, we all sin daily (Romans 3:23).  That’s why we must walk in repentance daily.  Our everyday struggles with pride, greed, anger, bitterness, lust and lies keep us from finding true healing and a close, intimate relationship with God.  God would have us to confess our sins so we can be purifies and holy in his sight (1 John 1:9).

What does true repentance look like?

  1. It accepts full responsibility.  (A repentant heart doesn’t seek to deflect blame.  It says, “I’m at fault…period!”)
  2. It confesses everything.  (Sometimes during repentance, we think we can keep some of our mistakes hidden.  Real repentance requires transparency because God already knows our sin anyways.)
  3. It comes from humility.  (Look no further than Psalm 51 to see what a humble, repentant heart looks like.  David was completely distraught over his sin, even to the point of suffering physically.  When we repent to God and to others, we must completely lose ourselves in order to grow.)
  4. It honors God.  (Proper repentance takes the time to honor God knowing that without his grace and mercy, repentance wouldn’t even be possible.)
  5. It means change will occur.  (This is the hard part.  Repentance can only be words said to get back in favor with the offended or it could spark a change in our lives, one that will help us grow and keep from making the same mistakes over and over.)

Are you ready for the breath of fresh air that repentance can bring to your life?  It’s God’s desire that we admit our mistakes, take the necessary steps to fix them, and walk in newness of life.



5 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Joe, I wish I had half of your perseverance and dedication to studying and following Christ. We are not perfect by any means and will always struggle but when we can see through Satan’s fog it is so refreshing to have that beacon of light shining the way always reminding us the path we should follow.

    1. Joe Butler

      Man thanks Steve. I’m just trying to do the best I can with the gifts God has given me and admit when I need to repent and need the help of others. Hopefully God is glorified through it all

  2. True repentance cannot occur in the absence of godly sorrow(2cor.7:10). It entails that we acknowledge that we have sinned(psalm 32), confess our sins, repent of our sins, forsake doing those things that we have confessed. May God give the grace that we need in Jesus Name Amen! thank you, Joe

    1. Joe Butler

      I love that part in the beatitudes about those who mourn will inherit the kingdom of God. We should mourn over our sin and the hurt it causes God and others. When we do, we would naturally react with repentance and a desire to correct that wrong so we could be pleasing to our God.

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