Truth Divides

truth dividesTruth is a tough pill to swallow for some.  In the world today where truth is primarily relative, people decide what truth fits them best and live their lives accordingly.  Real truth requires a standard, a baseline to rest firmly upon so all know where truth ends and lies begin.  You see, truth is not a series of shades of gray or just situations where we decide what’s right based on how we feel that day.  It is a black or white, line-dividing, all or nothing issue.  You either fall on the side of truth or not.

In regards to Christianity, truth is a highly debated topic even in churches today.  Many are trying to change God’s truth to fit the changing views of today’s society.  It is being taught that religion must advance with the times.  But that is not what God tells us in his word.  “God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).

We don’t get the liberty to decide which of God’s truths to follow.  We’re not allowed to dictate to Him what truth will be.  We must choose to obey his word as it is written and not change it to meet our needs.  Will this cause division?  It may, but Jesus reminds us that truth divides (Luke 12:49-53).

I want to stand on the side of truth that God instructs me to stand on.  Does that mean that I may face opposition?  Probably, but I will stand there nonetheless.



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