immanuelA formless void.

Lifeless, darkness, separated.

But the love of the Creator is ever present.

Light, land and lilies.

He created them all by the words of his mouth.

And out of the dust and mud came his most prized creation.

Formed in his image, we are drawn to Him.

Together in the garden, pure joy and love, a never-ending communion.


Enter Satan.  Enter lies.  Enter death.

The Father and his children are separated.  But not for long.

The same Creator creates again.

In the womb of a virgin divinity takes the form of a man.

Immanuel, “God is with us” in the flesh.

Born into a world of darkness and sin.


The snake appears again.  Intent on the destruction of God.

Blood money is paid, a Savior betrayed, his body broken on a tree.

“It is finished,” came the cry while Satan gloats in victory.

God’s plan is taking shape in the form of a risen Lord.

An empty tomb, nail-scarred hands, tears of joy.

He commissions us.

Go tell others.

Be the light.

I’m with you always.

I will return.



5 thoughts on “Immanuel

  1. Well met Joe! It amazes me how many layers there are to Scripture. In the beginning God said let there be light and there was light…and that light was the light of men who said to us…do not hide your light under a bushel. It all comes from God and must go back to Him!

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