Characteristics of a Christian


In all of my reading of Christian literature and time spent studying the Bible, I’ve come into a better understanding of what the life of a Christian should really look like.  Not a perfect understanding mind you.  But God did give us his word so we would now how to live right?  As with any title we may carry, certain characteristics are usually evident.  Most teachers are nurturing and conscientious.  Managers should have strong leadership skills and a high business IQ.  Christians should carry certain characteristics as well.

The list of characteristics of a Christian could be quite extensive.  Loving, forgiving and gentle should all make the list but I wanted to list a select few here as being especially important in my mind and as some that we all could work on.

  1. A Christian has their eyes fixed on God.  We should always make sure we are seeking God with our heart, mind and soul (Matthew 6:33).  Our lives are an opportunity to serve our Lord and we can only do that if we are completely focused on Him.
  2. A Christian does not worship idols.  This may seem like a strange character trait to include considering that you don’t see Christians today bowing down to golden calves.  But we still have our idols.  The pursuit of power, money, status and comfort, if put before God, can all become idols.  I would boldly say that worldly idolatry is the biggest problem the church faces today.  We are to put to death what belongs to our earthly nature and have God as the utmost priority (Colossians 3:5-8).
  3. A Christian is humble.  Humility is so poorly understood that we think it’s a sign of weakness.  On the contrary, humble people exemplify great power and self-control.  God desires to care for us and ultimately exalt us and he can only do so if we are willing to give Him the glory above ourselves (1 Peter 5:6-7).

Not an exhaustive list by any means, but I hope a useful one.  I truly believe that those who humble themselves, put God first and put away the trappings of this world will be in a much better position to have the Holy Spirit work his fruit into our lives, blessing not only ourselves, but everyone we come in contact with.



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