Joy to the World


(The following is a devotional I preached last night at our Wednesday night song and prayer service at my church.)

With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve been trying to remember all of the wonderful things from my childhood that make this season so special.  Time spent with family comes out at the top of the list. Remembering the birth of Jesus is always on my mind. Of course, I couldn’t leave out all of the amazing gifts I’ve received over the years. And then I considered the fact that I can’t remember everything I’ve been given for Christmas. Can you tell me everything you even got for Christmas last year?  Probably not.

Somehow, this time of year has become known for shopping and gifts and the excitement of receiving something we’ve always wanted. Our culture has become material-minded and has turned a special holiday  of love , family and celebration and filled it with stress, debt and selfishness. We focus on all of the presents we receive and then we can’t remember what they were a year later.

We may not know the exact date of the birth of Jesus, but this time of year we celebrate the magnificent arrival of our Savior. The date of his birth may be open to debate, but it’s worthy of our celebration nonetheless. Jesus was sent here to us to become the living expression of God the Father and what an amazing gift that was. His life and his sacrifice would speak to us everything God wants us to know about himself.

There is no greater gift we could receive than when Jesus came to earth, God himself in the flesh (John 1:1-14).  The best way to receive this gift is with gratitude. We can recognize what God has done for us through his Son and thank him everyday by living our lives for him.

This Christmas and every day of the year remember:

Joy to the world…..the Lord has come!!!



4 thoughts on “Joy to the World

    1. Joe Butler

      I have a nine year old so I’m in the midst of balancing getting her nice things while also teaching her about the most important gift of Jesus Christ in our lives. It was a fresh reminder for myself as well. Thanks for reading and God bless you in this new year to come.

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