Don’t Be Afraid; Just Believe


I’m not much for politics. Arrogant lawmakers, representatives and lawyers arguing for the chance to outdo one another with words of bravado and false accusations has never piqued my interest. And yet we come into that time again where members of the political elite all think they have the answers for what ails the country. As an educator, it’s like watching grade school children bicker over who is the line leader and tattling on each other when things don’t go their way.

This election cycle, we have candidates using everything from guns to terrorists to immigration to strike fear in the American people and convince us that they are the only one capable of rescuing the nation. I can see why people are scared. Our nation is a far cry from what it was sixty years ago or thirty years ago or even ten years ago. Each passing day seems to bring more things to worry about and lose sleep over.

But for the Christian, the worries of this world are met head on with the love and hope that is found in Christ Jesus. In times of trial, in times of fear or anxiety or when everything is falling apart, what does Jesus ask?  He asks us to trust him. When the naysayers are screaming it can’t be done, trust in Jesus.  When evil tries to get the upper hand, trust in Jesus. A man named Jairus did and his faith was greatly rewarded.

In Mark 5:21-43, Jairus, a synagogue leader, came to Jesus with a dire request. His daughter was dying and he wished her to be healed. While Jesus was on his way, the daughter passed away. Jairus received the news any parent would dread to hear. Your child is dead. And what does Jesus say to him?  “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Mark 5:36).

In the midst of terrible anguish, in the depths of unimaginable fear, Jesus asks us to trust him. Why?  Because he’s all we really need. While we fret over this life and its losses, Jesus will always be. While we worry about life’s trials and frustrations, Jesus stands at the door waiting to comfort. Is it hard?  Sure!  But that’s what following Jesus is about sometimes.

Don’t be afraid.

Just believe!



2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid; Just Believe

  1. What’s the use worrying anyway? It doesn’t help one bit. So why not just trust Him and see. If it doesn’t help, at least it helped you stop the worry. But in my case, trusting God has never failed me. He’s always there on time even when I think Pharaoh’s army is right about to get on me.

    1. Joe Butler

      You’re absolutely right. Jesus mentions worry and anxiety during his sermon on the mount for a reason. He knows we sometimes have difficulty seeing around the worries of this world and only seeing him. That’s why he asks us to seek him first. Does it make the difficult times go away? No, but it makes living and learning through them so much easier. Thanks for the comment and God bless.

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