Our Identity in Christ (Part 3)

fingerprintToday continues our look at our identity in Christ.  You can find the first two installments here (Part 1, Part 2).

We are members of the body of Christ.

One of the misunderstandings of the church today is that there are many churches that belong to Christ.  That is simply not true.  There is only one church of Christ, the one church that he gave his life for, the body and his bride.  You cannot apply for membership or go before some board to be approved.  Christ adds you to his church himself (Acts 2:47).

Our identity in Christ is synonymous with the church, his bride.  We cannot be one with Christ and not belong to his church (his bride).  We are one body with one goal…to fulfill the purposes of God (1 Corinthians 12:12,27).

Examine the word and see what God has to say about the church.  If you have obeyed the gospel according to the word of God, then you can be assured of your membership in the one true body of Christ.



5 thoughts on “Our Identity in Christ (Part 3)

  1. The True Light!

    This is great, Joe. As much as people want to believe they can join any church and be in the body, or just grab up a bible by themselves and be saved, it just isn’t so.

    This needed to be said…good post!


    1. Joe Butler

      I’m just saddened by so many Christians who walk away from the church and say they can have a relationship with Jesus on their own. It’s impossible to love Christ and then tell him you hate his bride. I was very introverted by nature growing up but have grown to value the relationships and encouragement I receive from my brothers and sisters in Christ. God knew what he was doing when he created the church to continue Jesus’ mission here on earth. This is just another area where we need to trust and obey our God because we know he wants the best for us and that can only be found in a body of believers who are willing to give their lives to Christ.

      1. The True Light!

        Yea, fewer people seem to see the need for fellowship with like-minded Christians these days. It is sad over the past few years to watch attendance fall off so much at church. It causes problems with the quality of worship, men to serve, the contribution, etc.

        And our congregation is made up of several seniors who are getting older. And with fewer people coming to the services, the outlook is sad. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

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