Delivering God’s Wisdom

imageI’ve found, as an educator, that you need to know a little about a lot of stuff to be effective.  And not only that, but you have to teach it to others, conveying the information in an understandable way.  That’s all to say that being a teacher and imparting your wisdom to others is a very difficult job.  Sometimes I feel up to the task and other times I feel entirely incapable of doing my job well.

Like Paul in the Bible, all Christians have been given the task of imparting the wisdom of God to others.  But how can we know and understand God’s wisdom?  Because he has revealed his wisdom and plans to his church through the Bible.

“I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.  Although I am less than the least of all the Lord’s people, this grace was given me: to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ  and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery, which for ages past was kept hidden in God, who created all things.  His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms,  according to his eternal purpose that he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord” 

(Ephesians 3:7-11).

As this passage teaches, the time to reveal God’s wisdom is now.  His church, you and I, should help to instruct others in God’s love and His plan for their salvation.  All this is meant to bring Him glory.

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding,  he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ,  to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.  In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory”

(Ephesians 1:7-12)

As a Christian, we are all teachers, delivering the most important message of all time.  It is a vital role that we each share for it helps to bring others to Christ and into the knowledge of his love for them.  The Bible is your lesson plan.  Go teach it to others.



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