alignmentA little over 14 years ago, my beautiful bride Keri and I were married.  I was 25 years old at the time and like many others in that position, I was amazed at the many intricacies of being married.  I learned very quickly that my life was not my own any more or it didn’t only belong to God.  I had a new blessing to take care of physically, emotionally and spiritually and that blessing was this wonderful woman I was now joined with.

I’m a strong believer that a Christian man or woman gives up their autonomy when they enter into marriage.  I know many would disagree for we like to first look after ourselves. God designed the marriage relationship as one of mutual respect, admiration and love, and while we maintain our individual personalities and souls that make us unique, we also change and grow closer to one another as we live out our life together.

Keri knows that I support her wholeheartedly in her dreams and goals.  Behind God, she always puts me and her family first.  I’m confident that I can act as the leader of my family because Keri knows that my utmost concern begins with her and not with myself.  It truly is a beautiful feeling to come into alignment with your spouse for it’s God’s purpose for marriage.  But most importantly, when the meaning, significance and purpose of our lives together is in alignment with God’s purposes, it brings harmony to our entire existence as a couple.

I give thanks to God daily for blessing me with such a wonderful woman to share life with and also for letting me serve and worship Him alongside someone who loves God as much as I do.

My Best Friend!
My Best Friend!


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