A Family of Friends


family of friendsBeing slightly introverted by nature, I’ve always argued that it’s not entirely necessary to have a large group of people around you at all times.  I know many thrive in that type of environment, but not me.  And yet I’ve matured in my understanding of what it means to develop relationships with others and the benefits that those relationships bring.

There can be no doubt that God intended for us to live in fellowship with one another.  Acts 2:42 tells us the early church devoted their time not only to studying God’s word and the apostles’ teaching, but also living in daily fellowship.  The same still applies to the church today.  We cannot underestimate the effect the people of the church have on one another and on the world around us.  I have been blessed tremendously by the friendships I’ve nurtured with my Christian brothers and sisters.  Even the encouraging words I’ve received online from the comments section of this blog have brought much light into my life.

campfire signing with my church family
campfire signing with my church family

church friends 2

I would pray that as you examine the church you attend, you will look at the joy that can be found when we care about the people around us.  Sure, there are let-downs along the way but it’s a good reminder to realize that we let down God as well and he still loves us.  And don’t assume the grass is greener somewhere else.  The grass is always greenest where it is being watered.



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