A Marked Man

marked manI’ve held a number of jobs in my life and in every case, I was interviewed before I was hired for the position.  From my first job as a beach lifeguard to my current position as a teacher, I’ve always gone through a battery of questions to see if I would be a good fit for the job.  When a manger or business owner conducts an interview, they are examining whether the person before them has certain characteristics or marks that would make them successful.  While it may be creative skills or the ability to problem solve, every position requires an employee with the marks of success.

We can definitely make the same correlation for those who become a Christian and commit their lives to Christ.  There are specific marks or traits of a disciple of Jesus.  While studying the life of David in the Old Testament, you can come to the conclusion that he had many faults but he was also a man of God (Acts 13:22).  Although he had sin in his life at times, he also had several marks or characteristics that defined him as godly and we should try to emulate those traits.

4 Traits of a “Marked” Man

  1. Obedience- We should always yearn to please God by giving our whole life in obedience to Him (Jeremiah 7:23).  This is probably the most important way to show thanks to a loving God.  And he doesn’t force us into obedience through deceit or control.  He asks that we obey because it really is the best way to live.
  2. Prayer-  Men and women all throughout the Bible showed that prayer is a powerful tool for a godly individual.  God has given us a wonderful gift by allowing us to speak directly to him through Jesus.  We can bring our concerns and thanksgiving to Him and know that he listens and cares (Acts 1:14).
  3. Love for Worship-  David was an excellent example of having a heart that desires to worship.  He was not ashamed of God but openly and fervently praised him (Psalm 34:1-3).  Too many times today, worship is extoled in word but not always in deed for fear of not appearing humble or holy enough.  God wishes his followers to worship in truth but to also have our whole heart and spirit involved as well (John 4:24).
  4. A Heart for Service-  David was called a servant (2 Samuel 7:5) and so should we.  We can look no further than Jesus himself for our example (Philippians 2:3-8).  His entire life exemplified forgoing self and serving God and others.

I hope this list of attributes will help inspire you to a marked Christian, someone that the world can easily recognize as a follower of Christ.



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