Heroes Behind the Scenes

heroesEvery avalanche begins with a snowflake.

A pretty powerful statement considering the size and strength of that one flake.  And yet, when it is combined with others like it, an entire mountainside of snow can come crashing down with amazing and destructive force and it all began with that first flake.

Heroes are like that.  Small deeds done over and over add up.  I see it every day and it is proof that your biggest heroes are found behind the scenes.  Let me tell you about some.

  • They get up early every day and go to work.  And not just work, but for them, a calling.  I join their ranks as well as we enter our classrooms and prepare to change the future.  You heard right.  They change the future because every day they stand in front of a classroom of inquiring minds and inspire their students to achieve greatness.  Every teacher I’ve ever had the privilege to work with is the same.  They love to teach, they love to encourage, they find joy in their student’s successes and sorrow in their struggles.  They are heroes behind the scenes.
  • She is a jack of all trades.  She’s a wife, a mother, a friend, a Christian, a counselor, an encourager, a rock.  She doesn’t know the meaning of “no” and will literally give you anything that you need.  Most of all, I’m proud to call her my wife.  Keri is the secretary of our church, the mother to not only our child but to other children who need one, and she’s the queen of her home.  She’s a friend to those in need, a cooker of great meals and the level head when times are tough.  She’s a hero behind the scenes.
  • He/She is out there right now working hard to make a difference.  He may spend his free time teaching the gospel to the lost.  She may work hard to raise her children on her own.  He plays ball with his son after a hard day’s work.  She lets her daughter in the kitchen to cook even though a mess is soon to follow.  He’s the police officer working late at night to keep us safe and she’s the ex-drug addict helping others to stay clean.  They don’t make it onto the 5 o’clock news.  Their stories don’t go viral.  But they are heroes behind the scenes.

Go take a good look in the mirror.  That’s right!  A long hard look in the mirror.  The hero is staring back at you.  Keep working hard.  Keep serving.  Keep challenging and encouraging.  Keep adding snowflakes to the mountainside and it will eventually start an avalanche.



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